Continuing with the idea of GROWing literacy, the next step after preparing the soil, is to plant your seeds.  Phonological awareness is one of the best predictors of reading and spelling success.  It is a broad skill that includes phonemic awareness (letter and sound association), rhymes, alliterations, segmentation and syllables.  Here are lots of “seeds” (and sounds!) to plant.

Phonemic Awareness “Seeds”:
1. I Spy: For example,  I spy something that begins with a /b/ sound…..When the child finds something that begins         with the /b/ sound have them tell you the beginning letter of the item.

  1. Rhyming I spy: I spy something that rhymes with “loud” (cloud).
  2. Phonemic I spy: I spy something that has the same beginning sound as “train”  (tree)
  3. Listen for outdoor sounds—animals, weather, vehicle, birds, plane, trains, etc. What sounds do they make? What letters make those sounds?
  1. Action Alliteration Names:  Jumping Jan, Kicking Kim, Climbing Caleb. Let the named child lead the action and have other children follow.
  1. Sunny Sounds—Using die-cut paper letters, have children tape letters in a pattern, string, name (whatever) on a dark colored piece of construction paper.  Use double-sided tape, rolled masking tape, or sticky putty to keep letters in place.  Hang their paper with letters in a sunny location.  After the dark paper fades, remove the letters.  Have fun sounding out the made-up strings of letters, names, or words.
  2. Bean Bag Toss—Lay out 2 or 3 hula hoops with a letter card in the middle of each.  Have some beanbags labeled with various objects that begin with one of the letter sounds.  Children pick up a bean bag and toss the bag into the hoop with the matching sound.
  1. March around the alphabet: Use carpet/foam squares with alphabet, play music, when music stops, point to children and have them name their letter or make the sound their letter makes

9.  Phonemic Hop Scotch–Write letters inside hop scotch squares and have children say the sound of the letter as  they jump on them.


Check out these books that are perfect for promoting phonological awareness:

(click on the book for additional information)

Pet Riddles              Pig Prince             Woodland Riddles


What ideas do you have for Phonological Awareness that you can take outside?